As cheesy as it sounds, we truly can't believe this is our job. We leave every single shoot and wedding and swear it was somehow better than the last. We quietly scream happy profanities to each other every time we get the shot. We sneak in toothy grinned kisses while couples read their vows or have their first look, because the exuberant joy of the day is never lost on us. We thrive on the tiny moments, the in-between, the timelessly candid. Nothing makes us happier than our clients feeling taken care of - except maybe candy, The Office, and definitely our child (dog), Kona. This isn’t about the perfect backdrop, the best lighting, the coolest looking adventure - it is about two people promising something huge. Beauty comes in the fleeting moments and we feel so stupid grateful for the opportunity we play in the making those moments forever. While you do your day YOUR way, we’ll be climbing rocks or stairs for the shot, bustling your dress as you down a glass of champagne, helping you google how to tie a bow tie, capturing the long awaited hug with your best friend, and making sure that our time spent taking portraits is freaking fun. Magic is made in the ordinary - and our job is to make that ordinary look as incredible as it felt that day. Let’s do this.